The Music Circle | About us
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About The Music Circle

The Music Circle was established with a vision to build a strong community of music lovers, to pique the curiosity of young minds and inspire them to reach their full potential in life through shared experiences in music.

The team of like-minded music educators shares a common passion – making a positive difference in children’s lives.

This strong and innovative team collaborates actively through exchange and discourse, bringing out the best in each other to provide effective programmes for our students and participants.

Building a Music Community

Music can be a social glue that helps us to bond or create connections with shared experiences. Through our programmes and supportive environment, we hope to develop precious shared moments that will help to forge these bonds between children and their family members, peer groups, teachers and staff.

Making a Difference

Musical learning can be a stepping-stone for wider development in children’s lives. It can build character, enrich their experiences and help them reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

Our programmes and curriculum are meticulously crafted beyond musical aspects and we hope to guide and inspire families to join us in enjoying a lifelong journey with music.

Music for Everyone

The Music Circle is committed to reaching out to all communities, including the underserved. We want to give those who may not have access to music education the opportunity to experience the joy of music and the benefits that come with it.

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