Saturday, 7 December 2019, 11 am
Venue: The Music Circle, 4 Queen’s Road,
#02-115, Singapore 260004

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About Musical Ocean

Let The Music Circle take you and your child on a fun imaginary adventure from the beach into the ocean! Sing, dance and play with musical activities and games themed around a day by the sea.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the learning and fun that takes place in The Music Circle’s weekly classes for four year olds – The Little Circle.

The trial will consist of a 30-minute class, followed by a 15-minute dialogue and Q&A session for parents led by our Early Childhood Specialist, while the children are engaged in craft activities.

Apart from the parent-child activities, parents will get to meet the team and find out more about our programmes for young children at a Q&A Session.

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About The Little Circle

The Little Circle is The Music Circle’s (TMC) general music programme for 4 year olds. The children will enjoy games, singing as well as music and movement activities.

The Little Circle lays a strong foundation for their first steps as musicians. The parent-accompanied classes are conducted in small groups, and sessions are designed to be loads of fun!

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Call or Whatsapp: 90683878