Bringing Music to Classrooms

We believe that all children should be exposed to music from an early stage in their development. We thus work with kindergartens and preschools to introduce music education in the classroom.


Music Circle Time is TMC’s music programme for Kindergartens and Early Childhood Education Centres. Developed in collaboration with Ascension Kindergarten, the programme is designed to be taught in the classrooms by preschool teachers who are not necessarily music trained.

Complementing the Curriculum

Modules are based on fun themes to complement the school’s curriculum. Positive values and behaviour are also incorporated to reinforce character development.

Music that Moves

We work with a team of songwriters and producers to compose and record original songs to be used in Music Circle Time lessons. The children can dance, move and sing to the music. The songs are set in the Singapore context to link the child’s music experience with everyday life.

To find out more about Music Circle Time and how it can be introduced in your preschool, contact us at 90683878 or email