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What We Do

Why Music Education?

We firmly believe that music has the power to shape more complete lives by cultivating creativity, enhancing cognitive abilities, and promoting emotional well-being.

Music education can help students develop a range of skills that are beneficial in all aspects of life, including critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. In addition, music education can contribute to character building by fostering confidence, self-esteem, a sense of achievement, resilience, and discipline through practicing and performing.

The Music Circle MethodOur Values

Music for All Ages

Early Childhood

TMC’s Early Childhood Music Pathway for 3 to 5 year-olds lays a strong and essential foundation for their first steps as musicians.

Children and Teenagers

The Music Circle Instrumental Academy focuses on ensuring that students achieve excellence in their instrument while enjoying their musical experience.


For adult students, we can arrange a one-hour trial music lesson. Contact us at 90683878 to arrange a trial lesson.


The Teachers Academy Courses aims to train new and aspiring professionals in the music education sector.

Our Philosophy

How is TMC Different?

The Music Circle Method ©

The Music Circle Method aims to develop students holistically, underpinned by a musical progression that parallels the learning of a language.

Exceptional Educators

We believe in the important of a quality music education that starts with good teachers. All our teachers are mentored and go through The Music Circle’s Teacher’s Academy.

Guided Parent Workshops

Equipping parents with tools to guide their child along their instrumental journey. Parent workshops are organised yearly to better understand their child’s’ music education.

Building a Community of Music Lovers

Music Circle Time is The Music Circle’s music programme designed for preschools, including kindergartens and child care centres.

TMC Programmes

Start Learning at TMC

The Music Circle is a music school that offers music lessons for students of all ages and abilities.

Our Partners