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November 28, 2018

End of our practice challenge for this year

We are so close to the end of our practice challenge for this year, many of our kids have put in tremendous effort to practice well, and we hope they…
December 9, 2018

Final evening of Spotlight!

And we wrapped up our final evening of Spotlight! With loads of food and fun after as well!?We love how the TMC Community has come together to learn, grow and…
January 17, 2019

Piano Academy weekends

Piano Academy parents taking the time to understand what their children are learning. Looking forward to session 2 this weekend!
January 30, 2019

Saturdays at TMC

Strings, keys, music and movement. With some surprises. Saturdays at TMC

(The Junior Circle) is a fun, creative and interesting journey into the world of build a solid foundation before kids embark on learning an instrument.

Carolyn TayMother of TJC students Michaela and Isabella

The Music Circle is different from most music schools in that there is a real commitment to ensuring students emerge holistically enriched in all aspects of music and not just focused on learning pieces or preparing for exams. There is a conscious attitude to making an inclusive environment with teachers, parents and students to let music making become an enjoyable life-long affair. Highly recommend!

May LauMother of TJC student Asher and String Academy student Renee

A fantastic music school for kids to cultivate a genuine interest and love for music. The teachers are so passionate about both the music and the children and their enthusiasm really rubs off on both the child and the parents! I love the fact that they encourage a total immersion in the world of music by encouraging the children to participate in music festivals; familiarise themselves with different instruments; form mini ensembles to play together - truly making music come alive for the child. I believe that their unique way of developing the child's musical abilities will result in a lifelong love of music in my son, which is exactly what I am looking for!

Caroline SeahMother of String Academy student Luke

My daughter and I studied the violin under Ms Tang Tee Tong since March 2018. Studying the violin at the music circle is not the same as the usual commercial music schools out there where emphasis is only placed on getting through music exams as the ultimate goal. Music Curriculum is carefully planned out and you will be able to see where your child is heading. This school has a very supportive and encouraging environment for students to grow musically at their own pace. No one talks about achieving certain grades by certain age. The Music Circle also organizes music outings to watch concerts at botanical gardens, and attending performer’s festival just to name a few. These outings not only serve as a good musical exposure but also strengthen the bond between the students, parents and teachers. There are group lessons conducted for all the students to come together to learn music appreciation as well as to play music together. There are also activities organized for parental involvement so that they will understand what their kids are going through and help their kids back at home. These are the qualities that I have been looking for in a good music school/education as they really care about promoting lifelong appreciation for music.

Agnes LimString Academy student as well as mother of String Academy student Sarah