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November 28, 2018

End of our practice challenge for this year

We are so close to the end of our practice challenge for this year, many of our kids have put in tremendous effort to practice well, and we hope they…
December 9, 2018

Final evening of Spotlight!

And we wrapped up our final evening of Spotlight! With loads of food and fun after as well!?We love how the TMC Community has come together to learn, grow and…
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January 17, 2019

Piano Academy weekends

Piano Academy parents taking the time to understand what their children are learning. Looking forward to session 2 this weekend!
January 30, 2019

Saturdays at TMC

Strings, keys, music and movement. With some surprises. Saturdays at TMC
The MoeyFamilyThe MoeyFamily
13:54 23 Mar 22
I would recommend TMC to anyone who wants more than just instrumental lessons and for anyone in search of a holistic music education. My daughter joined TMC’s violin academy in Sep 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Remarkably, during this time, the school has supported her in successful P6 DSA applications, instrumental camps, internal recitals and concerts. She has had the opportunity to perform solo, in duets and in an ensemble – all of these mostly conducted in person, with live performances and not over zoom. Even when zoom classes were conducted, we received technical support from TMC, which ensured that the lessons were as effective as possible given the circumstances.My daughter enjoys attending the Group & Ensemble classes, which enrich her experience with interesting lessons and activities that weave in different elements like music theory and history etc. Everyone at TMC works well together, and what sets them apart from other music schools is that the teachers genuinely enjoy what they do. The teachers go to great lengths to implement their unique and interesting programs, united in their dedication to helping students love, learn, explore and appreciate music in a supportive environment. We have found everyone at TMC to be caring, enthusiastic and always willing to help all the students, not just their own music students. The teachers also encourage their students to be responsible and disciplined in their regular music practice.
Vera LVera L
13:23 28 Nov 21
Excellent experience at The Music Circle. It is not always that we come across an enrichment centre which cares so fundamentally about developing the child’s interest. My boy has benefitted tremendously from the genuine care and pedagogical excellence of the teachers. Thank you.
Jason LingJason Ling
04:16 17 Apr 21
If you are looking for a more holistic approach to music education and an emphasis in nurturing a passion for the arts then The Music Circle is for you. Here group classes complement individual sessions, they also organise multi day camps during the school holidays, recitals and performance classes, outings to see shows and so on. Both my kids have been attending for several months and really enjoy their time here.
Gayle TanGayle Tan
07:38 06 Apr 21
I would like to commend The Music Circle’s teachers for their dedication and creativity in sharing the joy of music with my kids. My daughter attends the group class and the piano class, and the learnings in the group class has opened her mind to the world of Beatles, Mozart and music instruments from different countries. The teachers also put in a lot of effort to monitor and motivate her to practice her piano and she has progressed well. My son attends the parents accompanied class and he learns about the different musical notes through stories and songs. Both my kids look forward to The Music Circle every weekend and I wouldn’t hesitate to sign them up again!
Reb LeReb Le
15:34 01 Aug 20
The Music Circle team's creativity, ingenuity and indomitable spirit in making things work despite the pandemic and all the safety restrictions is truly amazing. Having lessons continue online without missing a beat, persisting with musicianship/theory training - even holding a music camp online during the Circuit Breaker, 'the show must go on' attitude - with performance classes via Zoom...Kudos to the team for your enthusiasm, commitment and genuine love for music-making! It's a joy to part of The Music Circle.