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Welcome to our learning community!

We would like to cultivate a warm and nurturing environment. These terms and conditions are spelt out for clarity and avoidance of doubt. We aim to keep them as simple and friendly as possible as is necessary for the smooth conduct of our programme.

Administrative Policies

  1. Classes and Scheduling
    1. Missed Class: When students are unable to attend lessons because of illness, a lesson may be rescheduled – up to 3 times a year. Notice has to be given 24 hours in advance for lessons to be rescheduled, and it is subject to the availability of the assigned teacher. A mutually agreed date and time for the make up class will have to be found within a month of the missed class.
    2. Rescheduling: Classes missed due to valid reasons like school activities, family trips overseas or exams may be rescheduled with 14 days advance notice, but subject to the teacher’s availability. If rescheduling is required due to the teacher’s unavailability, TMC is committed to ensuring that sufficient advance notice is given and that inconvenience to you and your child is minimised for the rescheduled lesson.
    3. Group Classes: Group classes will take place during the school term, and cannot be rescheduled. There are 40 sessions per group per year, and there will be no make up for missing group class.
  2. Fees and Payments
    1. Fees will be paid on a monthly basis throughout the year.
    2. All fees are due by the first week of the month. Kindly ensure that payments are prompt. A late payment fee of $20 per month will be charged for late payments after due date.
    3. Trial Lesson Fees: Instrumental trial lessons are charged at $73 for 30 minutes / $85 for 45 minutes / $95 for 60 minutes.
    4. Enrolment Fee: New students will pay a one-time enrolment fee of $65, which includes the TMC tote bag and folder. A one-month refundable deposit must also be paid at point of registration.
    5. When students and parents wish to discontinue lessons, one month’s notice must be given in writing, failing which the deposit will not be refunded. All lessons are to be taken within the month from the date that the notice to discontinue lessons is given.
  3. Privacy and Data Protection
    1. The Music Circle will take pictures and videos of classes and activities in our venues for review, curricular as well as general marketing and social media purposes. We will do so while being respectful of your child’s safety and your right to privacy, guided by the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions is indication of consent to The Music Circle’s reasonable use of these photos and videos.
    2. For all students safety, privacy and comfort, parents and students are not permitted to video record classes unless expressly permitted by The Music Circle management and staff.
    3. The Music Circle collects personal data from students and their parents that is necessary for the registration and management of students. The Music Circle undertakes to use or disclose personal data in an appropriate manner for the circumstances, and only if they have informed the individual of purposes for the collection, use or disclosure;