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For Music Educators

Music Circle Teachers Academy

Music Circle Teachers Academy is dedicated to shaping the future of music education.
Understanding the crucial role that music teachers play in a child’s musical development, we are committed to equipping aspiring music educators with the necessary knowledge, guidance, and mentorship to enhance their teaching experience.
We believe that music education goes beyond imparting technical expertise; it entails a deep understanding of each learner’s needs, nurturing their musical knowledge and abilities, while harnessing the power of music to make a wider impact that extends beyond musical learning.
Discover a comprehensive blend of holistic methodologies, skills and creativity that will enhance your confidence and effectiveness as a music teacher.
Training new and aspiring professionals

Why Music Circle Teachers Academy?

  • Build relevant skills and knowledge, while gaining practical teaching experience to become effective music pedagogues.
  • Choose the learning medium that suits your circumstance and needs. In person, online or a mix of both.
  • Learn a systematic approach and process of musical progression and how to apply it in different parts of musical training.

Who is Music Circle Teachers Academy for?

  • Aspiring Music Education professionals.
  • Teachers aiming to develop pedagogical skills for guiding students from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Educators who want to learn The Music Circle’s holistic approach to Music Education, known as The Music Circle Method.

What We Offer

The Music Circle Teachers Academy provides comprehensive music teacher training courses and workshops for musicians and music educators

We offer certificate courses covering different aspects of music education, using The Music Circle Method. Each course is a standalone skill and knowledge based course, focused on real world application in the music teaching studio. Completing the requirements of each course will lead to a certificate of achievement. These courses are also stackable towards a Music Education micro-credential.

To train music educators how to ensure their students have a solid foundation for technique and will be able to develop over the long term.

To train music educators to work with different modalities of learning that are required in instrumental learning, namely aural, visual and kinesthetic skills.

Equipping music educators with the know-how to build a solid foundation and technique in their students, ensuring they can develop over the long term.

Teachers Academy Courses & Workshops

My experience learning at the Teachers’ Academy at The Music Circle was nothing short of the best. The teaching syllabus was very comprehensive and concise. The skills are practical and useful in any teaching situations be it teaching a beginner or advanced player. Though it’s a group learning setting, Tee Tong would always give her undivided attention to the individual’s learning pace. No other music schools that I have ever come across cares so deeply about real and proper music education of the students AND teachers other than this school.

Agnes Lim Soo Chern

The TMC Teachers Academy has been absolutely eye-opening and inspirational for me as a new educator. It not only prepared me to teach but made me question and consider various aspects of my own learning and being a musician, which very much shapes the way you teach. It was also very interesting to learn various pedagogies and understand how children learn. I am very thankful to Tee and her team for their time and effort to mentor and encourage me to grow and develop, without which I wouldn’t be the educator I am today.

Clarissa Lim

My learnings from the TMC Teachers’ Academy form the basis of my teaching practice today, from the way I approach students to technical exercises.

Yong Jun Yi