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In the meantime, here are some answers to questions we’re often asked.


What is The Music Circle?

The Music Circle is a music education collective that was established to build a community of music lovers. We opened a music school to help spread our love for music, and to impart what we have gained from it. You can click HERE to find out about the range of music education initiatives, and click HERE for the partners we work with.

To find out more about our team, CLICK HERE to go to the ABOUT TMC page.

What programmes do you offer?

The Music Circle believes that music is for everyone! We are currently running programmes for children aged 4 and up, and hope to eventually expand our range to even younger toddlers as well.

For preschoolers from 3 to 5 years of age, we have general music programme for little ones to enjoy and experience their first encounters with music. Lessons are filled with singing, dancing, music and movement activities that will lay strong foundations for their first steps as musicians. TJC Classes are parent accompanied and are conducted in small groups. Click HERE to find out more about our Early Childhood classes.

Children from 6 years and and up can enrol in the Instrumental Academy.  The Instrumental Academy houses TMC’s Piano and String academies. Find out more about The Instrumental Academy HERE.

Are your teachers fully qualified and trained?

We believe in the important of a quality music education that starts with good teachers. All our teachers are mentored and go through The Music Circle’s Teacher’s Academy, a programme for young music educators to build relevant skills and gain experience needed to become an effective music pedagogue. To find out more about the Teacher’s Academy, click HERE.


What age groups do you cater to?

We have programmes for young children, teenagers and adults! We believe that music is for everyone.

For children from 3 to 5 years of age, you should enrol for our Early Childhood Classes.

For children 6 and up, you can enrol for The Instrumental Academy

Pre-school age children who are interested in individual lessons may be accepted on a case-to-case basis.

What are the fees for lessons at TMC?

It depends on the course and the duration of your child’s lesson. Please contact us so we can share the rates appropriate to your child’s needs.


Why should I send my child to TMC?

At The Music Circle, we take the long term view of your child’s musical growth, with our holistic learning approach. We have designed our programme to nurture and bring out the musician in everyone, to make music an enjoyable way of life for our students.

How are you different from other music schools?

A lot of the learning takes place beyond the music lesson, as every student at The Music Circle gets to be a part of a vibrant learning community. Your music education is not limited to the class you enrolled for, but a broad programme to enrich your learning experience and inspire you in your music journey. We organise activities both in and outside the school to provide a holistic learning experience. Find out more about activities for TMC students HERE.


What do you mean by a Learning Community?

At The Music Circle, students, parents and teachers all play an indispensable role in establishing a culture that supports music learning and encourages the assimilation of music into our daily lives. Teachers support parents with the tools needed so that learning takes place not only during lesson and classroom time, but also in the home environment.

Why do I need to be involved in my child’s music education?

Teachers lead classes, but their influence is limited to class time. Parents play a big part in creating a musical environment for the child and helping to guide their learning.

Why are there parent workshops for Instrumental Academy?

Picking up a new instrument can be challenging for both students and their parents. We want to equip parents with the tools to guide their child along their instrumental journey. These workshops also help parents track their child’s progress.

Why do you have two classes a week for Instrumental Academy students?

Students take part in both individual lessons and group classes each week. During individual lessons, students receive one-on-one instruction from their teachers focusing on their chosen instrument and its repertoire. Individualized attention is given to each student and each lesson is customized to the student’s ability. Group classes provide an avenue for students to learn alongside their peers, in a social setting, topics such as ear training, music and movement, and music appreciation. Group classes also include an ensemble component where students have the opportunity to perform with and be challenged by their peers. Both individual lessons and group classes complement each other and together they represent the spirit of holistic learning that The Music Circle embraces.

Why doesn’t TMC encourage all students to take exams regularly?

While exams may offer a hint of a child’s progress in their musical journey, focusing solely on exams can be very limiting and discouraging because a large amount of time is spent on learning and polishing the required exam pieces alone. At The Music Circle, we instead encourage our students to explore and learn a wide range of rich repertoire, which in turn helps to broaden their musical knowledge, taste and appreciation. Technical elements and aural skills are incorporated into the learning of pieces, instead of being approached separately. Progress is ensured through our carefully crafted programme as the technical difficulty and musical complexity advances with each piece chosen.

Can I still sign up for TMC if I want my child to take music exams?

When students are deemed ready, we do prepare them for certain levels of examinations, especially where it is helpful for their development and progress.

However, examinations are not the emphasis of The Music Circle programme and it would not be the starting point for enrolling at TMC.

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