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Music Classes for Preschools & Kindergartens

Music Circle Time

Music Circle Time is The Music Circle’s music programme designed for preschools, including kindergartens and child care centres. Developed in collaboration with Ascension Kindergarten since 2017, the programme provides easily implementable music lessons taught by general preschool teachers, regardless of their formal musical training.

Why Music Education in Preschools?

  • According to highly regarded pedagogue Edwin Gordon’s Musical Learning Theory, musical development starts from birth. Creating a musical environment for a child at an early age will facilitate a child’s optimal musical growth and potential in future.
  • Music and Movement engages students the fun way and promotes cognitive development, physical coordination, emotional expression, and social engagement.
  • Establishes a foundation for children to reap the long-term benefits of musical education encompassing cognitive, emotional, social and character development.
  • Music is a key driver for MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Curriculum Framework learning goals of Creative and Aesthetic Expression.

Why Music
Circle Time?

  • Expert-designed curriculum with a proven track record, tailored for preschool teachers regardless of their musical background to facilitate effective music instruction in the classroom.
  • Localised content with original songs.
  • Musical experiences are planned in line with the child’s development profile.
  • Fulfils various Learning Areas and Learning Goals of MOE’s NEL Curriculum Framework, including Creative and Aesthetic Expression, Numeracy, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills Development and Discovery of the World.
  • Cost effective model, customised so you only pay for lessons you use.

with us

TMC is looking to collaborate with more pre-schools and kindergartens, if you’re looking for music programmes for your centre, contact us now for more info!

MCT is designed in line with MOE’s NEL Curriculum Framework for Preschool Education 2022

MCT lessons and songs are designed to match the following NEL Learning Goals

Aesthetics and Creative Expression

Discovery of the World

Health, Safety and Motor Skills Development

Language and Literacy (English Language)


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