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For age 6 and above

Individual Violin Lessons

  • Individualised repertoire of pieces
  • Theory and aural training
  • Warm-ups for Long Term Learning

Individual violin lessons are taught by our violin educators trained in The Music Circle Method, from beginner to advanced. These lessons focus on study of the string instrument that are unique to each student’s goals and learning modality, with development planned in line with The Music Circle Method.

Teachers focus on building their violin technique essential for their long term progress as musicians. Our educators help the student develop their technique and musicianship through an individualised repertoire of pieces that progressively challenges and inspires them.

Theory and aural training is incorporated into instrumental instruction to encourage students to see the practical relevance of these subjects and their direct application to their own playing. This approach better equips students to understand and appreciate music on a deeper level as well as achieve a level of greater proficiency on the violin.