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For 4-year-olds

The Little Circle

About the Programme

TMC’s Early Childhood Music Pathway for preschoolers (2 to 5 year-olds) lays a strong and essential foundation for their first steps as musicians. Our music and movement classes promote a love for music while developing crucial skills such as rhythm and aural development. These classes are also aimed at enhancing physiological-emotional skills such as gross and fine motor coordination, cognitive skills as well as nurturing creativity.

The Little Circle (4 year old) class is a 45-minute non parent-accompanied class. Each term of TLC is 11 weeks, with 3 terms in total. Students are welcome to attend a trial class before enrolment.

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Programme Structure
45 minutes per lesson
Each term of TLC is 11 weeks, 3 terms in total
Non parent-accompanied class
Trial class available

TLC Learning Outcomes

In ‘The Little Circle’ class at The Music Circle, students will be taught the following musical concepts:

Pitch and melody
  • Sing, identify and aurally differentiate notes such as la, sol, and mi.
  • They will learn to respond through movement to both big and small intervals in music.
  • Basic rhythmic patterns such as ta, ti-ti, tika-tika, ti-tika, and tika-ti.
  • Learn to keep a steady beat while walking and singing a tune, showcasing their sense of rhythmic stability.
  • Create simple rhythms through body percussion techniques.
  • Listen and follow simple dance/march movements to the beat.
Tempo and dynamics in music
  • Identify changes in tempo, distinguishing between fast and slow music.
  • Identify changes in dynamics, recognising the contrast between loud and soft sounds.
  • Actively engage with these concepts by creating loud and soft sounds using body percussion and non-pitched percussion instruments.
Listening skills
  • Respond to changes in music through movement and artwork.
  • Identify different instruments and their sounds.
  • Express their emotions and thoughts through the use of colours and movement.
Active participation
  • Listen attentively and follow class instructions
  • Develop their focus and engagement.

Programme Fees

The Little Circle

$440 per module of 11 lessons

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Miscellaneous fees
  • One time TMC enrolment fee: $65 (including administrative costs, TMC bag and Student Folder
  • Material Fees: $30 including all resources, booklets, home activities and play- lists provided for the course.


Can I accompany my child for The Little Circle?

The children in The Little Circle will be taking their first steps in independent music learning and classes are non-parent accompanied.

Will my child get to play an instrument in The Little Circle?

The Music Circle Method first ensures that students experience a variety of music to help build their musical vocabulary, much like learning a language. With more active listening and immersive experiences, the children will be able to progress to singing and verbalising notes and rhythms.

The classes prepare our students for instrumental lessons and explore rhythm, singing and basic musical skills such as notation. Students will also be doing kinaesthetic exercises which will help prepare their bodies for playing an instrument. For more information on The Music Circle Method, click HERE.

Will this aid my child in learning a musical instrument later?

These musical experiences are important foundations for their long term development as musicians. Playing percussion instruments and singing solfege in The Little Circle classes are more manageable at their age and aids in instrumental playing in future.

Can my child and I attend a trial class?

Yes, you can register for a trial class by filling in the register interest form on the page.

What happens if we miss a class?

We provide a lesson credit for a class missed due to unforeseen circumstances. We are able to provide up to two lesson credits per term, which will be credited towards the subsequent term’s fees or expenses.

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I love The Music Circle’s curriculum, which focusses on building a strong music foundation in the early years through story and art instead of rushing children into learning instruments. I love the way the school teaches solfége and the teachers are very patient and passionate. Class size is just right and everyone there is so warm and friendly. Highly recommend this music school.

Lydia Ng

Both my kids enjoy the learning experience at The Music Circle. Appreciate the teachers building a strong foundation through developing pitch and rhythm awareness in the early stage through songs and movement before progressing to learning instrumentals. Lessons are interactive and engaging conducted by warm and caring teachers. 🙂

Qin Yi Teo

Fun, creative and interesting journey into the world of music, with the help of Mimi the Mouse, Sophie the Sheep, and all their wonderful friends. to build a solid foundation before kids embark on learning an instrument.

Carolyn Tay

The TMC Teachers Academy has been absolutely eye-opening and inspirational for me as a new educator. It not only prepared me to teach but made me question and consider various aspects of my own learning and being a musician, which very much shapes the way you teach. It was also very interesting to learn various pedagogies and understand how children learn. I am very thankful to Tee and her team for their time and effort to mentor and encourage me to grow and develop, without which I wouldn’t be the educator I am today.

Clarissa Lim