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About The Music Circle

Who We Are

The Music Circle is an established music school situated in Bukit Timah that offers music lessons for students of all ages. We conduct music and movement group classes for preschoolers (2-5 year olds) and instrumental lessons for students 6 and above.

Shaping Complete Lives with Music

We believe that music has the power to shape more complete lives by cultivating creativity, enhancing cognitive abilities, and promoting emotional well-being.
Music education can help students develop a range of skills that are beneficial in all aspects of life, including critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. In addition, music education can contribute to character building by fostering confidence, self-esteem, a sense of achievement, resilience, and discipline through practicing and performing.

Building a Community of Music Lovers

The Music Circle has been building a community of music lovers, comprising the team, students, families as well as artists. Community events and programmes are organised for students to enhance their musical education and promote a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

The Music Circle Method ©

Our educators utilise The Music Circle Method, a modern musical curriculum developed by Artistic Director Dr. Tang Tee Tong alongside our curriculum team. The method aims to develop students holistically, underpinned by a musical progression that parallels the learning of a language.


Musical progression

The musical progression (ESIC) – Experience, Sing/Say, Identify, Create/Perform parallels the learning of language.


Mixed-modalities learning

The development of visual, aural, and kinesthetic skills is crucial for nurturing well-rounded musicians.


Our unique curriculum with learning pedagogies

The Music Circle Method utilises a variety of proven musical learning pedagogies
including Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Alexander Technique, Paul Rolland, and Suzuki.


Pedagogical experience of our team

Pedagogical Experience of TMC Artistic Director Dr. Tang Tee Tong and our senior pedagogues.

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

The Music Circle Method

Our Values


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Learning and working together as a team makes for a far more enriching experience for everyone who participates in this circle.

Thirst for Knowledge

We value knowledge and want to propagate this thirst for learning with others.

Generosity in Sharing

There is openness in the way we collaborate as a team. We work together to share our knowledge, but also to learn from others.


We find new ways to teach and learn. We are always interested in new ideas and using technology to make the learning experience better and more effective.


We are enriched by the diversity of views that enable us to improve and innovate. We value everyone’s ideas and respect each other’s points of view.

Meet The Team

Here to help your kids develop a strong foundation for a lifetime of musical learning!

The Venues

The Music Circle (TMC) was formed to build a community of music lovers. We are proud of our spaces which are simple but thoughtfully designed with music making in mind. We would love to share them with musicians who are looking for rehearsal and performance venues.

The following TMC venues are available for rental subject to availability.
As musicians and performers ourselves, we understand the difficulty in finding appropriate and affordable rehearsal venues, and would love to support arts groups as much as we can! Drop us an email at​.

Our Partners