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The Instrumental Academy Camp was held over 4 days from 29 Nov to 2 Dec.

Camp days were packed with games, snack breaks and music (of course!) for the xx TMC Students who participated.

(Picture of Snacks/Meal time)

When the students arrived on the first day, it was heartening to see everyone enjoying the activities that the teachers had spent months preparing for.  The games and activities had to be fun and engaging while helping them deepen their music knowledge and understanding.


There were Rhythm challenges,  Music and Storytelling segments 

A Jazz Improvisation workshop was conducted by guest lecturer Amanda who introduced the students to jazz and the basics of improvisation. 

[Phot: Jazz Improv Workshop]

This was also an opportunity to prepare the students for the upcoming Spotlight. Students went through the performance paces and 

Spotlight (4 Dec 2022)

The year end edition of Spotlight has become a 

As students in group class have been studying the works of filmic composers like Hans Zimmer, the year end edition was themed “Spotlight goes to the Movies” – and several iconic tunes from major films including Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Kung Fu Panda were performed.

Quartets and ensembles

The event was organised at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Recital Studio. The space provided a grand yet intimate feel to the event, as we celebrated the musical development of our students/

Several students performed with their parents or family members.

The students put in a great deal of effort to put on a good show for their family and friends, and everyone seemed to enjoy the show and occasion. The event was made more fun with pot luck

We are also incredibly grateful for our  TMC parents who took the time to volunteer to make this event a memorable one for the community.

xx students

xx audience


The camp and Spotlight are key events in our calendar that embody the TMC spirit and raison d’être. As music educators, we seek to instil a life long love for music, and our hope is moments created at these events will help cultivate this passion in our students.