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Group classes in the Instrumental Academy as well as Early Childhood programmes play a central role in our vision of building a community of music lovers. We were excited to be able to provide more classes for different age groups, evolving from a single group class in 2018.

Having more targeted classes allow our students to learn and grow at an appropriate pace, and to enjoy learning alongside peers of a similar age.

We have also expanded our Early Childhood (EC) offering, with the option of having one-to-one or partner classes for the Pre-instrumental programme. This allows us to customise classes for the little ones who might otherwise not be able to join the scheduled group EC classes.

The EC classes continue to be an important part of the TMC Music Education progression as the young ones take the first steps on their music journey.

“En Rui looks forwards to her weekly classes with Teacher Astrid, Teacher Gloria and Teacher Hoylin. After her classes, she excitedly shares about what she has learnt: songs, note reading, rhythm, games and dance. She is exceedingly proud that she has learnt to play the xylophone this term, and is very eager to find out what next term brings!”

Siok, parent of TJC student En Rui

Despite the challenges posed to everyone by Covid, we were able to provide more specialised classes to support the progress of our students.

Scales and Etudes classes were conducted in groups for both the Violin and Piano academies. These classes were conducted online but we were glad to be able to conduct this and keep the sessions engaging and useful for the students’ learning. 

We appreciate the commitment and dedication of the TMC teachers who reworked their lesson plans and activities for online teaching when we were unable to teach in person, to make learning music engaging and fruitful for the students. We were even able to conduct our holiday camps and Spotlight successfully despite the restrictions.