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TMC Music Circle Time – Teacher Training

TMC Music Circle Time is a comprehensive music and movement programme designed by TMC, specifically for kindergarten teachers to teach music in preschools independently. This programme includes teacher training, a wide range of songs and themes, localised and relevant music, high-quality produced music and songs, lesson plans, folk dance, Hello and See You Again routines, and cooling down activities.

1. Teacher Training
TMC Music Circle Time provides comprehensive training for kindergarten teachers.
Teachers are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to deliver the music and movement programme effectively.

The training is designed to be easy to use, even for teachers who do not have a background in music.

2. Music and Themes
TMC Music Circle Time includes a wide range of songs and themes carefully chosen to appeal to young children.
The music is localised and relevant to children in Singapore, making it more relatable and engaging for them.

The programme includes original music and songs that are enjoyable for both children and adults.

3. Lesson Plans and Activities
Lesson plans and teaching resources are provided to teachers, making it easy to incorporate music and movement into their daily routine.

The lesson plans include a range of activities, including singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. The activities are designed to be age-appropriate and to help children develop their physical, social, and cognitive skills.

4. Folk Dances, music class routines, and Cooling Down Activities
Folk dances are included in the programme, allowing children to experience different cultures through music and movement. Hello and Goodbye routines help to create a fun and welcoming environment. Cooling down activities help to calm children down after an active session.

TMC Music Circle Time is an excellent programme for kindergarten teachers looking to teach music and movement in preschools independently. The programme provides teacher training, a wide range of songs and themes, lesson plans, resources, and cultural experiences for children through folk dances. With TMC Music Circle Time, teachers can have the confidence to execute a fun and effective music class for their students that develops their cognitive, social, and physical skills through music and movement.

If you’re interested in Music Circle Time for your institution or would just like to receive training for kindergarten music classes, do email us at, fill out our interest form or Whatsapp us at 9068 3878 for more information!